This Cyber Monday Deal Ends In:

Reclusive Geek Simplifies Internal Roadmap Used By Google Employees For...

Page 1 Rankings With ZERO Backlinks 

And... reveals HOW Miracle ADicles dominate up to half a million searches a month 

There are actually a bit more than half a million searches (as you can see below)

(Keywords are revealed to our students but not to the public)


This keyword has fewer searches but the cost per click (CPC) is much higher

(Keywords are revealed to our students but not to the public)


This keyword has a lot more than half a million monthly searches & a higher CPC too

(Keywords are revealed to our students but not to the public)

Do You Have A Friend Like Justin?

Mike D. is about to lose his life.

He has already lost his job.

He's also lost his unborn baby.

Then he lost his wife.

Just how did things get this bad?

Well... let's rewind a bit...

Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mike was a popular Personal Trainer with a steadily growing list of clients.

He became so in demand that most of the local gyms in his neighbourhood paid him handsomely to run group sessions for them.

Then COVID struck.

Before Mike knew it - his monthly earnings went from over $4,000 a month to a big fat ZERO, and...

Laura, his pregnant wife became increasingly stressed about their financial situation.

One morning she woke up and felt a strange wetness between her legs.

She put her hand there. When she brought it out, it was covered in a red sticky liquid.

Laura screamed!

Mike dropped his glass of lemon water on the kitchen floor and ran to Laura.

Two hours later - a grim-looking nurse told them that Laura had suffered a miscarriage.

Their unborn baby was gone!

Ten days later, Laura walked out on Mike.

The next day, Mike phoned his best friend, Justin and calmly told him that he'd just swallowed thirteen sleeping pills.

Mike survived and he tells everyone that Justin saved his life by quickly calling the Emergency Services.

He also tells everyone that Justin saved his business by teaching him how to use ADicles, and...

You are about to discover (on this page) how to achieve similar results for yourself, even if you don't have a friend like Justin.

First though, let's start with a very quick overview.

Google's Secret Internal SEO Roadmap

Several years ago, Justin worked for the Advertising Group of Facebook. He now works for the Google Search Group. 

Soon after he started working at Google, Justin was handed a secret internal SEO Roadmap used by Google employees to force Google's own content to Page 1 of Google's search engine. (By the way no Google employee will publicly admit to this, so don't even bother asking). 

Justin took the powerful information in Google's Roadmap... combined it with his knowledge of Facebook Ads... and created a revolutionary concept called ADicles.  

Then he taught Mike how to use ADicles to launch his Personal Training business on the internet. 

(Please note that ADicles have nothing to do with running Facebook Ads.)

Anyway, Mike's ADicles rank on Page 1 of Google for lucrative keywords which are searched for by prospective Personal Training clients.

Most of his ADicles have less than 500 words of content and many rank on Page 1 of Google in 14 days or even less. 

Mike now has clients from all over the world (not just his local neighbourhood). 

He is able to train clients from the comfort of his own home and never has to meet any of his clients.


A few months after Mike started using ADicles, he bumped into a reclusive SEO geek who was a member of the gym Mike used to work for, and... 

Mike excitedly told the geek about his success with ADicles. 

The geek was shocked because the concept of ADicles is very similar to an accidental discovery he made on his own. 

So, the geek simplified Google's Roadmap (more on that later). 

Then he added some tweaks to Justin's ADicles.  

The result is Miracle ADicles. 

What The H*ck Are Miracle ADicles?    

Miracle ADicles = Simplified Roadmap + Justin's Tweaks + Geek's Tweaks

They are specially crafted pieces of content which attract, seduce and convert free clicks from Page 1 of Google.

Miracle ADicles are the easiest way to rank on Page 1 of Google for high volume keywords, and get FREE traffic from Google, because...

Instead of focusing on backlinks, the primary objective of Miracle ADicles is to feed Google's never-ending greed for profits. 

In fact, you could say Miracle ADicles are the Facebook-inspired replacement for backlinks.

However, as you'll soon notice - this has nothing to do with using the Facebook platform or running Facebook Ads.

So, lemme go ahead and show you how you, too, can...

Rank On Page 1 Of Google Without Backlinks

If you want to rank on Page 1 of Google for lucrative & high volume  keywords without building even one backlink then...

You MUST create content that Google loves.

The ONLY type of content loved by Google is content which can help it make money for its shareholders, and...

IF your content CAN help Google make money then the algorithm will rank it higher than other content.

Please NOTE that the content doesn't even need to actually make money for Google - it just needs to have the ABILITY to make money for them.

Anyway, Miracle ADicles excel in the ability to make money for Google, and...

There are three key ways in which Miracle ADicles (AKA the Facebook-inspired replacement for backlinks)  can help you rank on Page 1 of Google.

FIRST: Make Google Eat Out Of Your Hands

As far as Google is concerned, Trust and Authority go hand in glove.

So, the easiest way to become a trusted source of content (for SEO purposes) is to become an Authority in a specific niche.

In the old days, you could do this by getting backlinks from sources with:

  • High Page Rank (PR) or
  • High Domain Authority (DA) or
  • High Page Authority (PA)

This strategy still works reasonably well for establishing Authority.

However, it is incredibly tedious and expensive to get backlinks from these types of domains.

A much more reliable way to establish Trust & become an Authority in ANY niche is to tap into the approach Facebook uses to evaluate the Authority of its ADvertisers.

When you do this the right way - you'll become the defacto source for both Google and users of Google's platforms, and...

It will become almost impossible for Google not to rank your content on Page 1 for keywords like the one below which has huge cost per click of over $8.

(Keywords are revealed to our students but not to the public)

Then you'll also start ranking for lots of related keywords including those you have not even targeted, and...

Google will happily send you more free traffic than you ever imagined possible.

The Good News is that Miracle ADicles use the 'Facebook Homestead' approach to build Trust with Google by default. 

This means you can go from being an unknown to an authoritative source of information, even if you are not an expert of the subject area.

SECOND: Increase Your Viral Factor 

Many people know that 'viral content' is a very important currency for social media platforms.

However, only a few of them realise that 'viral content' also plays an increasingly significant role for search engines. 

Even though, virality is often unpredictable, one thing most experts agree on is that the more often a piece of content is shared - the higher it's 'Viral Factor'.

So, even if your content doesn't go viral - you will still get a HUGE ranking boost if you concentrate on making your content shareable.

And don't be surprised to see your content pop right up to Page 1 of Google for lots of different keywords when it goes viral.

The bottom line is that the more your content is shared - the greater it's Popularity Score in Google's algorithm.

In the past, the easiest way to boost your content's Popularity Score is to build loads of backlinks.

The Bad News is that Google is now a lot smarter at detecting 'fake' backlinks, and...

This means that building backlinks 'the wrong way' could actually end up doing more harm than good.

The Good News is that backlinks are no longer the easiest way to achieve a high Popularity Score, because... 

Miracle ADicles have an inbuilt viral switch, which leverages 'Facebook's X-Factor' algorithm for rewarding Ads with high Popularity Scores.

This means when you use Miracle ADicles your content can quickly go from unpopular to viral, even if the keyword doesn't have lots of searches (like the keyword below).

When this happens - you'll be rewarded with Page 1 rankings for very little work even if you haven't built any backlinks.

(Keywords are revealed to our students but not to the public)

THIRD: Turn Your Visitors Into Addicts

There is nothing Google loves more than addictive content, because...

When your content is addictive - it multiplies Google's opportunity to make money.

More importantly, addictive content signals to Google that your content is relevant to the keyword that was searched for.

Most SEO experts know how important Relevance is to ranking, and...

They also know how effective anchor text in backlinks used to be for establishing relevance.

However, Facebook have since pioneered a more accurate way for measuring relevance. It is how Facebook is able to determine the Relevance Score of Facebook Ads.

Google has now incorporated a similar approach into their ranking algorithm.

So, when Google deems your content relevant for a specific keyword  - it will rank it higher for that keyword.

This can be very rewarding when you target high search volume keywords (like the one below) which also have high CPC.

(Keywords are revealed to our students but not to the public)

Funnily enough... short content tends to be more addictive than long content, and there are dozens of cases of Miracle ADicles with as few as 300 words ranking on Page 1 of Google.

You can literally use Miracle ADicles to create Addict Factories because Miracle ADicles automatically leverage the Facebook Loop approach for establishing Relevance.

This means Miracle ADicles give you the power to transform your content from boring to addictive.


The three steps above will empower you to go from having little or no online traffic to getting lots of free traffic from Page 1 of Google.


Miracle ADicles provide you with authoritative, popular and relevant content that Google loves to rank on Page 1.

They are also a direct replacement for backlinks, which means you can rank on Page 1 of Google without the tedium and expense of building backlinks!

This is WHY Miracle ADicles are the easiest way to rank on Page 1 of Google for high volume keywords, and get FREE traffic from Google.

Do You WANT Free Traffic From Google?

Unfortunately for Mike, he couldn't save his unborn baby. Neither could he save his marriage.

The Good News is that with Justin's help he was able to save his business. He did so by using ADicles to rank on Page 1 of Google for multiple keywords, without building backlinks.

This resulted in tons of free, targeted traffic from Google, and...

This free traffic allowed Mike to rebuild his Personal Trainer business and survive the tragedies he had suffered.

Miracle ADicles have also helped dozens of other business owners get free traffic from Google.

So, you can use the three steps above to achieve similar results for yourself - you just need to be careful that you don't end up cancelling each other out. 

This is by trial and error.

The alternative is to eliminate all the guesswork  by letting me show you how to use Miracle ADicles as magnets for attracting FREE traffic from Google.

The Page One Magnet Roadmap
(Attract FREE Traffic From Page 1 Of Google)

Remember the SEO geek who Mike talked to about ADicles? 

Well, that geek was me, and...

After Mike showed me a copy of Google's secret internal Roadmap (used by employees use to rank content on Page One of Google), I quickly realised that it is written in typically convoluted language, which only geeks can understand.   

So, I decided to create a simplified & videofied version which can be understood by non-geeks. 

I call my version The Page One Magnet because it acts as a magnet for free traffic from Page One of Google. 

The Page One Magnet Roadmap will show you how to use Miracle ADicles to rank on Page One of Google for multiple keywords and attract FREE traffic as a result of your rankings. 

The Roadmap is split into five sections.

SECTION 1: Miracle ADicles Unveiled 

  • Leverage the 80/20 Formula - Use Miracle Adicles to target up to 80% of the internet's traffic.

  • Leverage Evolutionary Biology - Apply the principle of Early Growth Response to Google Page 1 rankings without backlinks.

  • ALL Keywords Revealed - See the high volume keywords which have been blacked out on this page.

VALUE: $37

SECTION 2: Backlinkless Authority

  • Metric Evaluation - Quickly how determine to get Google eating out of your hand.

  • The Facebook Homestead Formula - Justin stole this formula used by Facebook to determine trustworthy advertisers and applied it to SEO. The results have been amazing.

  • The ZERO Expertise Hack - Discover how to build authority in any niche even if you don't know anything about the niche.

  • The Miracle Factor - Most people believe that ONLY a miracle can help you achieve Authority in Google if you don't have backlinks. They are not wrong! :)

    I reveal what the miracle is and share how to leverage it for maximum results.

VALUE: $67

SECTION 3: Backlinkless Popularity

  • Metric Evaluation - Quickly determine how to quickly get noticed by Google.

  • The Facebook X-Factor Formula - Steal the formula used by Facebook to reduce the cost per click of popular Ads. Mike claims the SEO-adapted version of this formula kept him alive!

  • The Miracle Factor - Most people believe that ONLY a miracle can help you achieve Popularity in Google if you don't have backlinks. They are not wrong! :)

    I reveal what the miracle is and share how to leverage it for maximum results.

VALUE: $67

SECTION 4: Backlinkless Relevance

  • Extendable Metric Evaluation - Quickly determine how to help Google make money for its shareholders.

  • The Facebook Loop Formula - Discover how Facebook determines relevant Ads and use it to force Google to rank your content on Page 1 of their search engine.

  • The 300 Word Hack - HOW & WHY shorter is better.

  • The Miracle Factor - Most people believe that ONLY a miracle can help you achieve Relevance in Google if you don't have backlinks. They are not wrong! :)

    I reveal what the miracle is and share how to leverage it for maximum results.

    VALUE: $67

 SECTION 5: Super Miracles 

  • Expertless ADicles - Discover how to sound like an Expert in less than 5 minutes of work.

  • Autonomous ADicles - Discover how to leverage the Metaverse of content creation.

  • Full Body Regeneration ADicles - Discover how to leverage the Master Control Gene of SEO for intelligent ADicle Regeneration. 

VALUE: $57

  • SECTION 1: Miracle ADicles Unveiled (Video) - $37
  • SECTION 2: Backlinkless Authority (Video) - $67
  • SECTION 3: Backlinkless Popularity (Video) - $67
  • SECTION 4: Backlinkless Relevance (Video) - $67
  • SECTION 5: Super Miracles (Video) - $57


It's Decision Time (For 2022)...

The insider ranking secrets in The Page One Magnet Roadmap are of such high value that I could easily charge $295 for it, and...

If all you master is how to build Authority... in virtually any niche... even if you have ZERO expertise... then I'm sure you'd be happy to pay $295 for the Roadmap.

However, as you can see from the breakdown of the sections, there's a lot more valuable stuff which will transform your business.

Which is why most savvy business owners know that if they invest $295 in the Roadmap, they'll be able to earn it back very quickly, because...

They understand that even if they are currently paying as low as $2 per click for Google Ads it will only take them them 150 FREE clicks to recoup the $295 investment.

150 clicks @ $2 per click = $300.00
150 clicks for FREE = $0.00

Savings = $300

If investment in Page One Magnet Roadmap = $295

Profit = $300 - $295 = $5

And... some business owners will recoup their $295 investment in less than one month!

Are you in or out? The decision is yours.

What's The Catch?

There are three catches, actually.

The first catch is that delivery of  to Page One Magnet will on Tuesday, November 30th (tomorrow).

The second catch is that I ONLY want to work with motivated action-takers who are willing to provide case-studies, and...

Because today is Cyber Monday, I am prepared to offer you a very steep discount, but only for a very limited time (third catch).

So, for the next few hours, you won't have to pay $295.

Instead you'll only have to invest the much smaller sum below.



$99 (price will increase very soon)

This Cyber Monday Deal Ends In:

Wait There's More...


One question I often get asked is "how do I monetize the FREE trafiic I get from Page 1 of Google?"

Well... creating & selling Digital Products is ideal for this.

However, most people find Digital Product creation difficult, so...

I've created a blueprint that walks students through the creation of a high value Digital Product in record time and with minimum hassle.


This Production Pilot Blueprint is all yours as a FREE 'no-strings-attached' bonus.

As the pilot of the Production Process, you will ONLY have to spend two hours max of actual work to end up with a world-class Digital Product which produces the transformation your target audience desires. 

Plus... your audeinec will be willing to pay you a lot of money for your product.  

So, click the button below to claim your bonus NOW.


$99 (price will increase very soon)

Our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can invest in your future with total peace of mind because ALL the risk is on us.

If you implement ALL the steps in The Page One Magnet Roadmap within 30 days of purchase, and do not get the expected results - then all you have to do is send us an email, and we'll issue a full refund within 48 hours.

Plus you even get to keep the bonuses and all the next-generation knowledge you gain from the Roadmap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will Page One Magnet be available for delivery?

A: It will become available on Tuesday, the 30th of November, 2021 (tomorrow).

Q: How long will I have access to Page One Magnet for?

A: This is a one-time investment for 3 months access to the Roadmap. You can also extend your access from 3 months to 12 months (plus free updates) for an extra one-time (and even smaller) investment. Look out for the small orange box at the bottom of the checkout page.

Q: Why don't you have any testimonials? 

A: Page One Magnet is a brand-new product and you will be one of our first clients. So, we are offering a huge discount as an incentive for you to implement the roadmap and provide a testimonial.

In any case, most of the testimonials online are fake, and we don't want to insult your intelligence by using made-up testimonials. 

Q. What makes Page One Magnet different from other products?

A. Simple. No other product in the market place can help you rank on Page 1 of Google for high volume keywords in 14 days or less without any backlinks. 

Page One Magnet is also the only product which leverages:

The Simplified Google Roadmap + Justin's Facebook Tweaks + The Geek's Tweaks

It is also the only product which shows you how to leverage the Facebook-inspired replacement for backlinks.

Q. Does Page One Magnet require Facebook Ads?

A. No! Somw of rgw concepts were inspired by Facebook Ads, but Page One Magnet is not about using facebook or running Facebook Ads. 

Q. Is Page One Magnet newbie friendly?

A. Absolutely! If you can follow instructions then you can implement Page One Magnet and rank on Page One of Google. 

Q. Do I need to build backlinks? 

A. Nope. Backlinks help build relevance, popularity and authority.  However, you'll achieve all these faster and easier with Miracle ADicles.

Q: How long does it take for Miracle ADicles to rank on Page 1?

A: Each Miracle ADicle is different. So, there is no universal answer. However, most properly implemented Miracle ADicles are able to rank on Page 1 within 14 days. 

Q: How much content do I need to rank on Page 1 of Google? 

A: We recommend around 450 words of content, and there have even been cases of ADicles ranking with less than 300 words.

Q. Are any blackhat tactics involved?

A. Absolutely not! You'll be using the tactics that Google loves because it helps it make money for their shareholders.

Q. Why is Page One Magnet priced so low?

A. This is an investment not a expense, and we want to encourage as many people as possible to implement the Roadmap, so that they can provide testimonials and case-studies of their results.

This is why access is for 3 months and also why there's a HUGE discount if you act quickly.

Q. How long is the discount available for?

A. Not long at all. The next time you visit this page, it's very likely the price would have increased or the Special Offer would have ended. 

Q: Can you guarantee my Miracle ADicles will rank on Page 1 within 14 days?

A: Nobody can guarantee how quickly your content will rank.

The truth is: we have no control over how strictly you'll implement the Roadmap.

However, you can have total peace of mind because we have 100% confidence in our product and back it up with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Click the button below to sign up for your Roadmap.

This Cyber Monday Deal Ends In:


$99 (price will increase very soon)

P.S. You can either start using Miracle ADicles to dominate Page 1 of Google for high volume keywords without building any backlinks; or you can ignore Miracle ADicles and carry on in 2022 with no quality traffic, while your competition get free traffic from Google.

The decision is entirely yours. 


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