SEO Resurrection
(5-Day Challenge)

  • DAY 1: Page 0 Infiltration Unveiled       -   $200
  • DAY 2: Your Perfect Business Model    -   $100
  • DAY 3: Feed Google's Greed                  -   $250
  • DAY 4: Make Google Fall In Love           -   $400
  • DAY 5: Monetize Page 0                          -   $100
  • BONUS 1: Hands-Free Cheatsheet        -   $50
  • BONUS 2: Magic Content Framework   -   $50



$127 (for A 3 Month Pass)

This Price Will Increase In:

Our 30 Day, ZERO Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Implement ALL the tasks of the Challenge within 30 days and if you don't achieve a Page Zero ranking - we'll give you ALL your money back!

So, ALL the risk is on us, and there's ZERO risk for you! 



This Price Will Increase In:




Q. When does the SEO Resurrection Challenge start? 

A. The Challenge is evergreen.

Q. What makes SEO Resurrection different from other SEO products?

 A. Simple. No other product in the market place can help you rank on the top half of Page 1 of Google for keywords with 10,000+ monthly searches and $5 CPC in 14 days or less. 

SEO Resurrection is also the only product that leverages the Penicillin Pentagon used to develop the first antibiotic drug in 1928.

Q. Is SEO Resurrection newbie friendly?

 A. Absolutely! If you can follow instructions then you can implement SEO Resurrection and rank on Page Zero of Google.

Q. Do I need to build backlinks? 

 A. Nope. Backlinks help build relevance, popularity and authority.  However, you'll achieve all these faster and easier with Content Differentiation.

Q. Are any blackhat tactics involved?

 A. Absolutely not! You'll be using the tactics that Googles loves because it helps it make money for their shareholders.

Q. Do I need to worry about competition?

 A.  As long as you implement Keyword Isolation properly, you'll be able to rank for even extremely competitive keywords.

Q. How much time is required?

 A.  You'll be expected to spend an average of one hour on each of the five days. Some days a bit less and some days a bit more.. 

Q. Will I need any expensive equipment or software?

 A.  No. The only tools you need are free and simple to use.

Q. Does SEO Resurrection have a guarantee?

A. YES! We have a 30-Day money back guarantee. The details are above.

Q. Why is SEO Resurrection priced so low?

A. SEO Resurrection is an investment not a expense, and  I want to encourage as many people as possible to join the challenge, so that they can provide testimonials and case-studies of their results.

This is why access is for 3 months and why there's a HUGE discount if you act quickly. 

Q. Can I extend access beyond 3 months?

A. YES! You will see a small orange box on the checkout page with an option to extend your 3 month pass to a 12 month pass... for a very small additional investment.

Q. How long is the discount available for?

A. Not long at all. The next time you visit this page, it's very likely the price would have increased or the Special Offer would have ended.



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