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It's More Than You Bargained For...

Our mission is to help 10,000 new entrepreneurs generate $10,000 in Seed Capital. That's a $100 million!

And... we are so happy you are an integral part of this dream.

We really mean it, and want to express our gratitude in a tangible way. So, here's what we are going to do:

During the presentation, I told you that the blueprints, worksheets and templates are in PDF format that you can download and read on your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. You can also print them out hard copies and use them that way.

I'm sure you'll agree this is a steal at $1,117... and you didn't even have to pay that much.


We've decided to go even further and give you a lot more than you bargained for.

So,  as an unannounced bonus, we will give also give you access to our Psychology For Success Blueprint. 

Psychology For Success will help you:

  • Develop the winning mindset that is vital for building a seven-figure business
  • Eliminate the self-sabotage that keeps you playing in the small-time league
  • Develop the self-confidence you need to play with the big boys, because they are NOT better than you!!!!
  • Achieve results you previously thought were impossible for you to achieve

The value of Psychology For Succcess is $97 and you'll get it ALL for FREE!

That's not all, though...

Going The Extra Mile To Build A Solid Foundation...

There is a universal Framework for building solid foundations for digital businesses. That framework is called the PACTS Framework, and every successful digital business that has grown beyond $100,000 has implemented the framework.

Psychology For Success (AKA Success Formula), Premium Presence & Production Pilot are part of the P component of the PACTS Framework.

That leaves four other components: Attraction, Conversion, Transaction & Scaling.  The first three of these will help you market and sell your world-class product, so it generates the $10,000 Seed Capital that you will use to kick-start your six and seven figure digital business.

Remember, every single successful digital business must implement the entire process represented by the PACTS Framework. Production is just the first step.

If you would like help in implementing the other four components using ONLY the best vehicle for each component then you'll be pleased to know that help is available in the form of our 10K Test Transformation Program.

It consists of seven modules:

MODULE 1: Psychology For Success (which you already have) 

MODULE 2: Premium Presence (which you already have) 

MODULE 3A: Production Pilot (which you already have) 

MODULE 3B: Production Pipeline (for those that want to do ALL the heavy-lifting themselves) 

MODULE 4: Conversion Conscience

MODULE 5: Transaction Treasure

MODULE 6: Attraction Angler

MODULE 7: Scaling Steroids

With The 10K Test, you'll become a pro at:

  • Attracting traffic from your audience in a way that allows you to generate $10,000 in as little as 10 hours as well as $60,000 in three weeks
  • Creating high converting video sales letter (VSLs) that generate tons of sales for you on auto-pilot
  • Transacting business in a way that turns your world-class product into a consistent stream of profits and your happy clients into raving fans

And that's ALL you really need to generate your $10,000 Seed Capital, after which the Scaling Steroids bonus, will walk you through the first step in scaling your digital business beyond the $10,000 mark.

The retail price of the entire Program is $1,497 and if we subtract the $294 price of the Premium Presence, Psychology For Success & Production Pilot (all of which you've already have) - that leaves $1,203 for Production Pipeline (Module 3B) & the other four modules.

Remember... this is a complete Transformation Program for generating $10,000 in eight weeks or less, and that's why ambitious entrepreneurs are happy to pay upwards of $3,000 for it.

However, we won't charge you that much if you are prepared to take action today and secure your spot on the program.

You'll need to hurry though, because we'll increase the price very soon.

Click here to secure your spot on The 10K Test Transformation Program, or...

Click here if you only want Premium Presence, Psychology For Success & Production Pilot for now, and don't mind paying full price for the rest of the Framework later.

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